iSpot4u is Mobile based Tracking Platform which can be used by various businesses. iSpot4u solution helps in improving Efficiency & Effectiveness of various Processes in addition to improving security aspects by Timely Communication.


Location Tracking – Gives realtime location information
Image Tracking – Takes pictures inside the bus/taxi as well as road side based on configured capture frequency
Speed Tracking – Tracks speed of vehicle
Distance Tracking – Tracks distance covered for a trip
Transportation Logistics – Rich Android application to handle pickup/drop process which includes scheduling, navigation, taking attendance, handle absentees etc Proximity Notification – Automated mechanism to send notifications based on proxity of pickup points
Security Notification/Geo-fence – Send notification in case taxi/bus moves out of defined route or city limit.
Reports – Strong reporting framework to generate various historical report of location, speed, distance, attendance audits
Emergency – Reports emergency situation with location information

Usage Of iSpot4u Platform

• Business Owners can track thier on field employee locations
• Business owners can use this system for attendance
• Business owners can use this system for the employess who does payment recovery
• Travel Buses/Taxis companies/owners can use this application to track location, to see internal pictures of car/travels, to track speed, distance & arrival/departure report
• Parents can track thier children studying outside. Can get report of daily in/out from college
• Security agencies, banks can use this system to track for money movements
• Delivery Companies can use this in order to know where all its delivery trucks are
• College/School Buses – Parents, School Management & Bus Vendors can use this system to track students using bus services. Also parents get notification when bus comes near to pickup point
• Office Buses/Cabs – Office Transport Administrators can use this application for Tracking, Transport Logistics & Communication.

iSpot4u product suit:

On Field Personnel Tracking
Android based Tracking Application which can be used by various businesses to track On Field Personnel/Staff. This helps in improving Efficiency & Effectiveness of various processes in addition to improving security aspects.

School Transport -Tracking & Communication
iSpot4u platform can be used by School Administration, Parents & Transport Vendors. Features include Location Tracking, Speed Tracking, Distance Tracking, Image Tracking, Emergency Notification, Security Alerts, Route Violation Alerts, Android application for Pickup/Drops, Navigator, Pickup/Drop Attendance, Pickup/Drop Audit, Proximity Alerts to Parents and many more…

Office Transport – Security & Tracking
iSpot4u platform can be used for improving security aspects of office transportation. Features include emergency notification/SOS, unscheduled halt notification, route violation notification, area violation notification, speed violation notification, live tracking(location, speed, images) and audit reports(location, speed, distance).

Office Transport – Scheduling & Communication
iSpot4u platform can be used for automating office transportation activities. Features include Booking, Reminders to avoid NO SHOWS, Scheduling, Android application to manage pickup/drops(roster, attendance, navigator, proximity alerts) & trip specific audit reports (location, speed, pickup/drop attendance, security violation)

Taxi / Travels – Tracking & Reporting
iSpot4u platform can be used by Travel companies to track the movement of vehicle. Features include Location Tracking, Speed Tracking, Distance Tracking, Image Tracking, Emergency Notification, Arrival/Departure report of various pickup/drop points.

iSpot4u – Fence
iSpot4u Fence is android based application which gives you in & out time of any areas/premises. iSpot4u Fence can be used by parents to know if their kids are going to college or not. Also iSpot4u Fence can be used by various businesses for taking stock of in/out time of employees in various areas.

Payment / Recovery
This can be used by recovery person. Using this App, recovery information is available on ispot4u website immediately. It also sends SMS notification to customer as well as owner/manager with recovery information. Recovery person can take pictures and attach it with recovery notification.

Onfield Inquiry System
iSpot4u Inquiry is mobile based application which can be used by employees who are on field to capture inquiries. Notification of Inquiry captured by employee goes to Business Owner/Manager and the information is available on portal.


Track Trail

Track Trail keeps the record of location movement, speed, distance & photos. This application can be used totrack trails of walking, jogging, tracking or any outdoor trips.
1. Trail on Map – shows path for location movement
2. Play Track on Location Map – Shows speed & elevation at respective location with respect to time. If photo tagging is enabled then it shows the preview of photos.
3. Report Summary – provides summarized information of time, distance, speed & altitude
4. Speed Report – provides the graphical representation of speed variation and the elevation variation with respect to time
5. Photo capture – Captured photos gets tagged on Map
6. Track History: – Supports unlimited number of historical tracks

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Car Locator

Car Locator now makes car parking easy. There is no need to remember parking location, iSpot4u Car Locator helps you to find your car.
If car has Bluetooth feature, it will automatically mark/pin your car location wherever you park your car. Locate button will show your current and parked car location on map with navigator.
You can also use manual feature to mark/pin your car location. This also works great for remembering locations like hotels, bus stops, shopping malls etc
1. Automatic detection of car location using car Bluetooth
2. No need to wait to stabilize GPS to get accurate location
3. Manual feature to mark your parked car location
4. Google Map to identify and navigate
5. Unlimited Parking History with tagging facility
6. Support multiple cars

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Pin My Location

iSpot4u Pin My Location lets you create tag on Map for the places you have visited or the places you wanted to remember to visit it again. Pin My Location enables you to mark location for anything, anywhere, anytime and locate it at your convenience.
If you want to create a tag for place, just click on Insert Pin and it will mark location on Map within couple of seconds. You can specify name and category to better organize your locations.
1. Pin/Tag/Mark current location on Map
2. Option to change the location by long press and then dragging it at desired place on Map
2. Tagging of location with Name & Category
3. View location on Map
4. Share Location using various options (SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Hangouts etc)
5. View all locations on Map with option of filtering it by Category

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Emergency Notifier is Emergency alert/SOS application whose sole purpose is to help people who are in critical emergency situation or problem such as health issue, accident, kidnapping or any other situations. This application sends the notification in form of SMS to emergency contacts. The user can invoke emergency notification using dialing emergency shortcut codes or by simply launching app .The default emergency code is *0#. User can add multiple emergency dialing codes like 911, 100 etc and emergency contact numbers using setup menu.
Three SMS Pattern:
This application uses the three SMS pattern to have timely & accurate communication of emergency situation.
1. First SMS notifies about emergency situation such as Health, Accident or any other without waiting for resolving location details
2. Second SMS sends the Google Map link of victim’s location
3. Third SMS sends the victims location address
1. Quick Emergency SMS alerts using dialing pad of phone
2. Sends quickly Google map link and address of user to Emergency Contacts
2. Create Unlimited Number of Emergency Contacts
3. Add up to five emergency dialing shortcuts
4. Access Emergency Dialing shortcut from locked screen for above Android 4.1 versions

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Please note that, this application sends SMS so it will charge you as per SMS charges of your mobile service provider


Pin My Coupons

PinMyCoupons started with an idea about sharing coupons within group of few friends, and as it is getting good response within small group, we started using same idea to a bigger group.

PinMyCoupons concept is very simple:
> Reduce paper use for coupon printing – Go Green
> Keep It Simple & Sweet – KISS rule

Go Green:
Traditional coupons are distributed via paper printouts using snail mail. Paper coupons are working for many years, But 95-99% of paper coupons go to waste in almost 99% homes. PinMyCoupons team believes, as a good citizen we need to look paperless coupons option and provide better alternatives with an evolutionary mobile and internet technologies.

Keep It Simple & Sweet – KISS rule:
PinMyCoupons team is working very hard to make usage, very simple for everyone, i.e. you do not need to be a techie.
If you see any issue in using PinMyCoupons web or mobile app, if you have any questions, comments, feedback or feel that this site can be improved, please post it through Feedback or Contact Us links.

Individual Users:
Individual users can use PinMyCoupons services from computers or mobile devices. Currently PinMyCoupons Android users can do following:
> Upload a coupon by taking picture
> Find the coupons using location based search
> Add any coupon to favorites
> Download coupons to phone memory, in case you are accessing coupons on WiFi and do not have mobile data plans.
> Send coupons to your contacts.

Business Owners:
For business owners, PinMyCoupons provides a very wide range of coupon options. i.e. paper coupon has an equivalent option to an advanced location based, real time coupon update services.
More than just coupons
Business webpage – For small shops, we can provide following items
> Business own webpage on PinMyCoupons
> Create Coupons using predefined templates provided
> Call your business phone from phone app (e.g. Android)
> If user is in your shopping complex, broadcast special coupons to him, and control number of broadcasts.
> Selective user coupon sending

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Housing Society Portal

Our mission is to provide a medium to members of Housing Societies
> To Collaborate and
> Easy Access To Society Information

What is HousingSocietyPoral?
> is an online portal for Housing Societies

What are the features of Housing Society Poral? provides following features to registered members of Housing Society

> Maintain details of you & your family members
> Track your Society Charges
> Search for society members in your society
> Personal Mail Box
> Information of various events planned in your society
> Information of various meetings planned in your society
> Information of various maintenance schedules planned in your society
> Information of notices from Society Administration Body
> Information on important contact numbers which are required for your housing needs
> Post/View various classifieds at your society
> Discussion Forum for the society members
> Suggestion Box to give suggestions to Society Administration Body
> Monthly news letter
> Various links for your home needs and many more..

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iMenu4u is developed for restaurant business where customers can select their favorite restaurant. Customers can place online orders with the help of Web, Android or IOS application from anywhere. Customers can trace or review their orders. The bills will also be generated from application. There are coupons facility in the iMenu4u that customers can get discounts. It also have catering facilities like birthday party orders, anniversary parties orders etc.

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